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We are third and fourth generation ranchers. In 1996, Dee and I started buying our first Angus females, which are the base of the Coleman Angus Ranch cowherd today.

As Larry grew up, he enjoyed taking steers to the county fairs. As a sophomore in high school, Larry had a steer that he thought really had a chance of winning Grand Champion. McDonald’s typically bought the Grand or Reserve Champion Steer, so Larry named his steer, “Big Mac.” The steer won, and as you guessed it, McDonald’s bought him. The money he earned was enough to make a down payment on 80 acres and a home, which is the current homestead.

We knew there were many extremely successful ranches in Montana that have been here for a long time, and we decided that the only way we might be able to make it work was to identify the very best females we could and build around them. That is probably why we are so focused even today on the Momma cow, we learned very quickly how much impact a great female could have on a cow herd. We didn’t know if we could ever sell bulls but felt if we focused extremely hard on the Maternal end of it that we could build a Maternal herd.

We started with 3 donors and 10 commercial recip. cows and began marketing our cattle through places such as the NILE and the female sale at Columbus, Montana. We started selling our bulls through private treaty sales for the first few years then had our first annual bull sale in February 2005 with 45 bulls selling; this past year, in 2023, we sold 175. Our first female sale was held in October 2004, and we have had an annual female sale in October every year since. Coleman Angus Ranch is a family run operation. Everyone in the family is involved on a daily basis including our two children, 20-year-old Erica and Dawson. We truly believe we are fortunate to have the opportunity to raise our children in this lifestyle.

Currently, we hold our annual bull sale the third Tuesday in February at Five Valleys Livestock Auction in Missoula, Montana, and our annual female sale is held on the second Tuesday in October at our ranch in Charlo. Typically, we sell around 180 bulls with 110 being 18-month-old bulls and about 70 yearlings. We also have a monthly online embryo auction.

We encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have about our program. Visitors are always welcome anytime, and we appreciate your interest in our program.

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Coleman Angus
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Larry & Dee Coleman Family
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