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2017 Sire Directory

Coleman Charlo 0256

Bohi Abigaile 6014

Coleman Charlo 0256
Reg# 16879074

Charlo is the easiest fleshing bull I have ever been around. He’s being used both spring (Sitz Angus Ranch) and fall here, and keeps his flesh extremely well. His dam is one of our favorite females. Charlo has worked very well in commercial heifer projects, with reports of calving easily, and explosive growth on the calves. --Charlo’s calves look a lot like him, very wide-based, big-topped, lots of muscle expression, and long-sided. His calves are easily the stoutest on the ranch. He’s a bull that stamps his calves. Hard to find a true heifer bull with this amount of power and mass. He has and will see a lot of use here. --Charlo is very long, has a big foot, walks like a cat, and has a lot of depth and width to him. --His flush sisters in production have beautiful udders, extremely easy fleshing, and like Charlo, are very wide-based and deep-sided.

Owned with:
Jocko Valley Ranch
MT and Sitz Angus Ranch
MT Leased to Accelerated Genetic.

Contact any of the owners or Accelerated Genetics for semen out of Charlo.

Coleman Foundation 972

Coleman Donna 386 - Dam of Foundation

KMK Donna J311 - Grandam of Foundation

Coleman Foundation 972
Reg# 16359293

“Foundation” is one of the most exciting bulls we have ever raised. Probably as much proven genetics in this bull as you will find. He has been a “Stud” since day one, and visitors to the ranch have all loved him. “Foundation” is backed by one of the strongest cow families in the breed. There are generations and generations of proven cows stacked in his pedigree. His dam is “Donna 386” who has done a tremendous job in our program, and his grandam is “Donna J311” who is the foundation Donna in our program, and has had as much influence in our program as any female that we have owned. --Foundation is the cowman’s kind, extremely easy fleshing, really good disposition, tremendous amount of capacity, and very sound. --We feel that he is doing a better job for us than his sire 707. If you want power and mass, he’s a must-use sire. --His flush sisters have done an excellent job here. --As you analyze his progeny, you can see that extra power, muscle, and mass that comes from Rito 707.

Owned with the Foundation Group

Coleman Manning 0299

Coleman Donna 714- Dam of Manning

Coleman Donna 386 - Grandam of Manning

KMK Donna J311
- Great-grandam of Manning

Coleman Manning 0299
Reg# 16880262

Manning is a maternal brother to Coleman Regis 904. He is backed by three of the greatest cows we have ever owned, and generations of great females. His dam “714” has 3 calves BR of 91, NR of 116 and YR of 112. His grandam “386” has 3 calves BR of 104, and NR of 109 and YR of 107. His flush sisters have combined to average NR of 110 on their first four calves. They have perfect udders, very long and square made. --First sons out of Manning sell this year, they will be one of the favorite sire groups. --Manning is a proven heifer bull, calves very easily, and the calves have lots of vigor, with lots of length. --Manning is extremely long-sided, real thick topped with a lot of muscle, big foot and extremely sound. --Manning was a favorite at the Montana Angus Tour, and made lots of friends. --The Juneau females are very functional, easy fleshing, perfect udders, very long-sided, and very good feet, with an excellent disposition.

Owned with :
ZWT Ranch in TN
Buford Ranch in OK
Double R Bar in IN
Mike Lindell in KS

Coleman Knight 209

Coleman Donna 714- Dam of Knight

Coleman Donna 386 - Grandam of Knight

KMK Donna J311
- Great-grandam of Manning

Coleman Knight 209
Reg# 17255860

We are extremely excited about Knight. He is extremely easy fleshing, being used naturally both in the spring (at Pine Coulee) and fall here, he has proven to keep his flesh extremely well while being out in the breeding pasture. You will see a lot of calves out of Knight in the future here, as sound of a bull as you will find. --Knight has extremely good feet, good disposition, very athletic, and a lot of natural width. --Knight’s sisters here are some of the best we have ever had. --Knight is a bull that is worth sampling. We feel very good about his future.

Owned with Pine Coulee Angus Ranch, MT

Coleman Missing Link 017

Coleman Everelda Entense 840 - Dam of “017”

BT Everelda Entense 613L - Grandam of “017”

Coleman Missing Link 017
Reg# 16584262

“017’s” first sons will be selling in our bull sale. He has worked very well on heifers. Calves come easily, and very quickly get very stout, with a big top. His dam has 2 calves NR of 101 and YR of 104. His grandam has 4 calves BR of 97, and NR of 109. Reports from others that have use “017” have been very good. His dam has a beautiful udder, very long and deep-sided. His grandam was a very good female for us, we have kept a bunch of daughters out of her in our herd.
-- Great set of 017 sons in the bull sale.
--“017” has worked well for us on heifers.
--“017” will add thickness, length and a very nice profile.
--“017’s” first sons have grown very well.
--“017” is backed by generations of great cows.

Owned with Cass Gebbers in WA, and SHB in WA

Coleman Emblazon 780

Bohi Lady 1165

Coleman Lady 902

Coleman Emblazon 780
Reg #16050921
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“780” has been used for years on big groups of commercial heifer projects. He calves extremely well, and the calves have a lot of vigor at birth. His mother has been a very good female for us, as we have used a couple of her sons over the years, and they have always been favorites in our annual bull and female sales.--“780” will leave an excellent set of daughters, they will be easy fleshing, really nice udders, great dispositions, and will stay around. --He has worked extremely well here, calves very easily, and they have good growth. We have a very nice set of sons out of him in the sale this year. --His flush sisters have done a very nice job for us. They are the right kind.

Owned with Circle V Angus in ND

Coleman Final Answer 222

Coleman Donna 714 - Dam of 222

Coleman Donna 386 - Grandam of 222

KMK Donna J311 - Great-grandam of 222

Coleman Final Answer 222
Reg #17238432

“222” was the high-selling bull last year in our bull sale. Full brother to “Regis” with a little more base width and power. First calves will be coming out of “222” this spring. We used “222” instead of Regis this past fall heavily, excited to be getting his calves. --“222” will see a lot of heavy use in commercial heifer projects. --“222” was used both spring (at Lott’s in OK) and fall here, and did a nice job for us.
--“222” has one of the highest Calving Ease Direct EPDs in the breed. --“222” is extremely long-sided, big-hipped, lots of power for a heifer bull. Reports on his first calves have been great, very easy calving with a lot of vigor in the calves.

Owned with Lott Farms, OK

Coleman Final Answer 224

Coleman Donna 714 - Dam of 222

Coleman Donna 386 - Grandam of 222

KMK Donna J311 - Great-grandam of 222

Coleman Final Answer 224
Reg #17238433

“224” was our second high-selling bull last year. Full brother to “Regis.” “224” is the power bull of the brothers, tremendous amount of power and growth, more frame, lots of length. --“224” was used very heavily on bunches of commercial heifer projects last year. --“224” is that Final Answer son with the same great female base as Regis and “222”, but added frame and growth. Excited to see how his calves turn out.

Owned with Bobo Cattle Co, WA

Coleman Regis 904 - Sire of "122"

BT Everelda Entense 613L - Grandam of “122”

Coleman Regis 122
Reg# 17089291

“122” is out of a flush sister to “017.” His dam “823” has 3 calves NR of 110, and YR of 111. She has done a very good job for us, and is now in our donor pen. She has a perfect udder, very long-sided, thick, with a long hip. We are extremely excited with the first calves out of “122”, he’s doing exactly what I thought he would do. His calves have more power than his sire, very stout, wide-based, long-sided, with great feet. 122 is not a true heifer bull. We have calved some heifers out of him, he worked, but are calves a little bigger than we would like out of heifers.
--We are very happy so far with what we have out of 122, and will see a lot more progeny out of him in the future. --“122” is getting a lot of use here. At this point he’s the Regis son we will go on with. --“122” is backed by generations of proven cow families Regis X Alliance 6595X Traveler 6802 X Right Time X Traveler 124 X Rainmaker 340. --“122” is very long and deep-sided with a really good foot. Lots of rib and capacity.

Owned by Coleman Angus Ranch


Coleman Donna 714 - dam of Regis

KMK Donna J311

Coleman Donna 386

Coleman Regis 904
Reg# 16364794
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"Regis" was our high selling bull in our 2010 Bull Sale, selling to Select Sires for $20,000. He has been a standout since day one, and we are excited to get some calves out of him. His full sister is as good as any female we have raised here, and will be a feature in our 2010 female sale. "Regis" is backed by one of the strongest cow families in the breed. There are generations and generations of proven cows stacked in his pedigree. This was his mother's first natural calf. "Regis" had ratio's of 82 at birth, 111 at weaning, and 106 at yearling. His grandma is Donna "386" who has had a tremendous influence in our program. "386" is the dam of "Foundation" another bull that we are very excited about and has a tremendous future. We have many daughters out of "386" that are doing a tremendous job for us. "Regis's" Great Grandma is Donna J311, who has had as much influence in our program as any female we own.

"Regis" is owned with Select Sires

Contact Select Sires for Semen on Coleman Regis 904

Coleman Donna 975
- Flush sister to Dam of 2261

Coleman Donna 386 - Grandam of 2261

Coleman Foundation 972
- Flush brother to Dam of 2261

Coleman Ext 2261
Reg# 17544680

“2261” is a bull we have kept here to continue on the Ext and Rito lineage. He has been one of our favorites from day one, and we used him this past fall naturally. “2261” is extremely balanced, very deep-ribbed, lots of muscle, and very easy fleshing.

Owned by Coleman Angus Ranch

Coleman Ext 0252

Chloe Juanada 7009 - Dam of 0252.

Wulffs Ext 6106
- Sire of 2261 and Coleman Ext 0252

Coleman Ext 0252
Reg# 16879072

“0252” was one of our high-selling bulls in our 2012 bull sale. He’s out of one of the greatest flushes we have ever had here. His flush sisters are doing a phenomenal job here. We liked them so well we went back and flushed his mother to make some full sibs. We will have some full sibs to him in next year’s sale. --His 5 flush sisters here are averaging BR of 99, WN of 106 and YR of 105 on their natural calves. -- We have sold numerous sons out of his mother in to registered herds. --Matt Peterson has been extremely happy with his “0252” calves. --Here is a bull worth sampling. You won’t be disappointed.

Owned with Matt Peterson, KS


Coleman % Angus
40067 Morris Road
Charlo, Montana 59824

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